This section explains how to install AFEM and required dependencies. For new users, installing Anaconda is highly recommended. Anaconda conveniently installs Python and many other commonly used packages for scientific computing.

A specific environment for AFEM should be created using an Anaconda Command Prompt. Installing AFEM and all necessary dependencies will look like:

conda create -n afem python=3.8
activate afem
conda install -c conda-forge -c trelau afem

This example using Python 3.7, but any version of Python supported by AFEM can be used.

Building Documentation

The documentation can be built from sources using sphinx. Install sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme in the desired conda environment by:

conda install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme

Then navigate to the docs/ folder and run:

make html

This should build html documentation in a docs/build/html folder. Open the index.html file with a web browser.